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Sightseeing of Mandarmoni

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Digha Beach

How To Reach Digha Beach

The distance between Mandarmoni & Digha, is almost 33 km. It takes more than an hour, to reach Digha from Mandarmoni. The best way to reach Digha from Mandarmoni, is by driving your own car along the longest motorable beach road in India. From Mandarmoni, drive 19 km to reach Chaawlkhola and then 14 more km, to reach Digha. One can get stuck in the beach sand if one does not stick to the roads. It is also important to have a proper knowledge of the tidal variations of the region, before your visit.

About Digha Beach

Digha Beach, located in the proximity, is referred to as 'Brighton of the East'. The low gradient with a shallow sand beach extends 7 km in length. The beach gives a beautiful view of sunrise and sunset. It is a safe beach for swimming as sea at Digha is calm and shallow for about a mile from the beach.

Highlight of the beach is the Casuarinas plantations along the sea shore. Identified as Beerkul during colonial rule, the beach resort has early mentions as a Brighton of the East. Thereafter in 1923, English tourist John Frank Smith settled at this place.

Sankarpur Beach

How To Reach Sankarpur Beach

Mandarmoni, Tajpur and Shankarpur, all the places are on seaside and only 14 to 20 km. east of Digha on Digha-Contai Road. The tourists for Mandarmoni are to alight at Chawlkhola More from the bus going to Digha and get local transport to Mandarmoni (!8 KM). The hotels can arrange for pickup from the bus stoppage.

About Sankarpur Beach

Shankarpur Beach is another coastal strip in the adjacent region to Mandarmoni. The beach is also referred as a twin beach of Digha, which is positioned at a distance of 14 km. This beach can be approached from Digha-Contai Road.

Talsari Beach

How To Reach Talsari Beach

It is some 6 km from Digha, near the Orissa-Bengal border

About Talsari Beach

The name Talasari is derived from the two words Tala (meaning Palm) and Sari/Sarani (meaning row). The palm trees surrounding the place give such a name to it. Talasari is one of the less exploited West Bengal beaches. Talsari is located close to both the Subarnarekha River and the sea. It is some 6 km from Digha, near the Orissa-Bengal border and is a small delta. The Talsari beach is not as frequently visited by the people as Digha. The waters of the sea at Talsari beach are not turbulent but calm and peaceful. Witnessing sunrise and sunset from a gleaming stretch of white sand is a rewarding experience. The calm ambience, unique receding waters and tropical weather all year round make it a popular destination for adventure seekers and those looking for solitude.

Sana Beach

How To Reach Sana Beach

Mandarmoni Sana Beach Resort is about 190 kms from Kolkata. It took us almost 6 hours

About Sana Beach

The Sana Beach at Mandarmoni. A chic and sophisticated resort amidst swimming coastal trees. A cluster of beach Cottages and well crafted rooms enriched with ethnic motifs and artifacts. A 9 acre spread seaside boutique that understands your definition of leisure and concept of luxury.

Just about three hours from Kolkata. After crossing the Vidyasagar Setu take the Kona Expressway and turn left on reaching the Mumbai Road. Move along and turn left at Kolaghat for the popularly known Digha Route to reach Chawalkhola. Take a left turn again and follow the village road for about 8 kms.

Delta Beach

How To Reach Delta Beach

As part of the Mandarmoni package also visit 'The Delta' or 'Mohona', situated at the end of the beach where the river converges into the sea. Boat rides can be arranged to view both the sunrise and sunset. Due to the presence of the extensive wetlands, a lot of migratory birds can be found in Mandarmoni. Bird watching is a popular activity here.

About Delta Beach

The Delta, which is also referred to as 'Mohana', is situated at the end of the beach. It also features some of the fishing settlements. This delta is positioned on the outskirts at a distance of 6 km from the centre of main coastal town.

The site of delta dotted by dense Jhau trees along with the fishing village lures tourists for a visit. At the site, fishermen wade in knee deep water and lay their nets to catch fish and crabs. Red crabs are a chief attraction at the stretch of the beach area.


How To Reach Chandnaeswar

Chandaneswar Temple is located in Balasore District near New Digha (Digha). Approx.7 km towards west from Digha is famous for a Shiva Temple. There are bus/rickshaw services from Digha to Chandaneswar. Apart from this, Calcutta-Chandaneswar, Howrah-Balasore, Digha-Baripada buses ply via Chandaneswar.

About Chandnaeswar

Chandaneswar is a place in South 24 Parganas District of West Bengal in India. Chandaneshwar is in Balasore district of Orissa. Regular transport is available from Jaleswar in Orissa and Digha in West Bengal. It is very near to New Digha, One can go from Digha to New Digha Bus stand by bus/Auto then take shared auto /van rickshow for Temple.

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Resort The Blue Lagoon

At Tajpur

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